Is the Email Services Market Competitive?

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Is there only a few big names when it comes to email services? You might be surprised to hear that this market is competitive. Click here to find out more.

Is the Email Services Market Competitive?

When you think about the email marketing services on offer, you probably imagine the same names. We are talking about Gmail and Outlook. Indeed, these are big brands in the industry and they offer a great way to communicate with friends, colleagues and bosses. But, do they dominate the space or is there competition in the market? Let’s take a look.

There are the Big Players 

Almost everybody has an email. This can be used for work and communicating with colleagues and customers, as well as a personal email being used for orders, marketing and keeping up with friends and family. Email still has a huge place in society and it is not going away any time soon. In particular, there are some big names that continue to be popular, whether this is through how well-known their name is or through habit.

For example, there is Gmail. This is one of the most popular and holds the share in the market in the United States. It uses everything from general storage space to email filters. A lot of people use Gmail so that they can combine several email accounts into one service.

Then, another name you will have heard about is Outlook. This is second in the market and a lot of people use Outlook if they are on Microsoft computers. A lot of users like how it appears organized and there are keyboard commands available for easy access to emails, as well as a calendar feature for productivity. To read about the best email apps for Android phones, you can click on the link. In particular, you can learn about Spike which is rapidly gaining popularity in the email service space. So, as the old saying goes, watch this space.

More Brands Challenging the Status Quo

 Yes, there is no doubt that there are major players when it comes to email services. You are going to be able to name them straight away and you might already use them. But, this is not to say that new brands are not entering the market. Indeed, they are making things interesting. They have the advantage of knowing what the big players are up to and understanding what users want. There are things that some email services are lacking and new competitors are looking to offer this.

So, despite what you might think, the email services market is competitive. New services are launching all the time and looking to challenge the status quo. Users are also more open to trying new services. Look at the number of apps that people download to their phones. They want services that are going to suit their needs and are willing to move outside the box now more than ever before. Some people are stuck in their ways and will continue to stand by the big names even if they are not happy with them. But, more are willing to open their minds and try something new. Often, you find that they never go back.