Things You Must Consider Before Hiring A Video Animation Studio

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If you’re thinking of hiring an animation studio for your video project is an easy task. Well, that’s not the case. It’s one of the most challenging tasks you’ll come across. You need to be cautious, and you should also clearly know what you are searching for, or it might become a bumpy ride for you.

A video is the ultimate reflection of a brand. It portrays the value of your brand. Therefore, you need to choose the right animation studio to get your video project done right. 

To help you out, today in this blog, we’ll share with you some tips and tricks for hiring the best animation production company that fits your budget. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Essential Things You Must Look In A Video Animation Agency

Check and analyze their portfolio

A portfolio demonstrates the caliber of work produced by an animation studio. Examining a videographer’s portfolio will give you an indication of the kind of work they provide.

  • Confirm if their prior work is a good fit for your brand’s requirements.
  • Is the art complemented with an engaging narrative?
  • Examine the animation’s quality. You don’t have to view it through the eyes of a professional; observe how fluid and lively the video is.
  • Are the images pleasing to the eye? Or are they more appropriate for a clip art gallery?
  • Is the audio audible? What is the voiceover’s quality?
  • Is the music audible?
  • How does music affect you? You should not feel depressed or uptight (unless that is your intention).

Number of projects they have completed

Another effective technique for locating an animator or a partner studio is to examine the project completion rate. When it comes to improving design talents, experience is critical. To choose a reputable animation company, you must look for experience.

A diverse collection of films on display demonstrates that a corporation is more established than one that has produced only a few videos over the same period of time.

Evaluate all the minor details

Prior to finalizing an agreement with an animator, pay close attention to all production aspects. A video should ideally establish a connection between the brand and its viewers. Everything from personalities to comedy is critical to bringing a video to life and captivating viewers. However, you may be wondering: “I am not a professional.” How am I to determine the quality?”

Simply view some animated videos and consider the following:

  • Was I able to comprehend the message plainly?
  • Did they succeed in piquing my interest?

If you understand the underlying meaning, this indicates that the tale was properly communicated. Paying close attention to detail may take time, but your laborious efforts will be rewarded.

Don’t forget the style of animation

A video should contain easily-understandable visuals. The following should be included in the animation:

  • Unique 
  • Contemporary 
  • Appealing to the eye

You should strive for consistency that is suitable with your company’s logo, colors, brand, and website. As a result, you must determine the degree to which an animated film can correctly replicate character models and branding concepts. You may select between basic and bespoke animation styles based on your requirements.

Watch their demo reel

A demo reel demonstrates a company’s strength. You should keep an eye out for the following:

  • The animation’s quality.
  • Are the visuals entirely unique?
  • The musical accompaniment
  • Style of animation
  • Movement of the camera

Complex scenarios, interesting and smart transitions between shots, color choices, and scene arrangement are all things to look for.

Numerous studios feature joint work on their reels; therefore, it is critical to ascertain their position on those projects. You can inquire about an animator’s (or the contact person’s) involvement in each scene in a reel.

It is not a good indicator if it is unclear what they did or did not do. In that situation, it might be prudent to seek employment with another animation studio. Finally, ensure that the animation reel has a high percentage of shots from work they created totally on their own.

Appetite and determination

Consider the level of excitement displayed by an animation firm while making a recruiting decision. Individuals that are passionate about their work tend to create the most spectacular things. Keep Steve Jobs and The Wright Brothers in mind.

An animator or studio should have more than a passion for and belief in their profession and abilities. Additionally, they should be joyful in their project effort. No matter how talented an animator is, if they are uninspired or doing the work just for the money, they will not offer their all.

Ascertain that the studio you pick is passionate about their work and enthusiastic about faithfully animating your screenplay. This is another reason to request a demo reel. As a consequence, you will be able to determine if their work reflects their enthusiasm or not.