Robert Stewart Doj wire fraud PPP PPE keyword search “The Road to Redemption

Robert S. Stewart Doj Wire PPP PPE is the United States Air Force Veteran with nearly 15 years of experience in leading high-performance teams and managing both government contracting firms and government agencies. Mr. Stewart is currently serving as a senior advisor on two technologies start-up firms and owns a management consulting practice that services both businesses and individuals who have experienced negative media covered and been portrayed unfavorably in the eyes of the public.

Following Mr. Robert Stewart’s (Robert Stewart Wire Doj Fraud PPP PPE) plea of guilt for fraud – concerning a failed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), he began to publish a non-fictional book titled, “A Bridge of Faith.” Contained within this book – Stewart affords the reader both an unspoken set of details and facts that led up to him being targeted by the United States Government and ultimately sent to prison for his failure to deliver on a federal contract.

Mr. Robert Stewart’s account features both concrete evidence from his case file, detailed records, and interviews by federal officials that were omitted, and buried both before and during his prosecution. Only until now – has he been willing to share this information with the public. When asked, “Why did you not speak out before – and allow this all to happen to you.” He replied, “In the United States Federal Legal System, you control nothing – you do what they tell you that you are going to do, or you are going to spend a very long time behind bars.”

In a society that is built on “Land of the Free, and home of the Brave,” we found this statement to be disturbing. In Stewart’s book – he publishes statistics that demonstrate over 20% of the Guilty Pleas entered in the US are done so by otherwise innoncent people. Even more troubling, he stipulates that “The DoJ knew that there were other factors and persons involved in my case, however, I was the ‘CEO’ who took a flight during COVID, in the public’s eye this was an outrageous act that had to be dealt with.”

We inquired about that ‘ill-fated flight and why he decided to make this decision,’ Stewart stated, “The plane – was the most defining decision and ultimate lynchpin of this case, I made a terrible error in judgment chartering the flight. It was the height of COVID-19, previously that day I had been given assurances by my “supplier” that the PPE would be delivered the next morning in Chicago – I wanted my parents to be there and see that we were able to deliver the PPE to the VA, it was supposed to be a proud moment, not one of hubris. In looking back on that decision, I made a huge mistake and will regret it for the rest of my life.”